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“Little Hearts Great Minds - 1st Asian Children Art Competition 2020” @ HONG KONG

「童心童想 第一屆亞洲兒童繪畫大賽2020@香港

**活動通知 Event Announcement**:


In view of the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) across Hong Kong and Asia, the submission dealine will be extended to August 15, 2020. 

基本資料 Basic Information

Hong Kong Art Exchange Association (“HKAEA”) is a non-profit making organization established by a group of professionals and educators with various backgrounds from education, arts and performances in Hong Kong.

This year, HKAEA will be organizing the “Little Hearts Great Minds - 1st Asian Children Art Competition 2020” (“ACAC 2020”) which aims to provide a platform for children across Asia to create and show case their art works and to encourage creativity and inspire children’s interests in arts and culture, with an ultimate goal of facilitating art nurturing and development across Asia.

Shortlisted and outstanding artworks will be exhibited in Hong Kong during October 2020 this year.

ACAC 2020 is now open for entry. Your art students are cordially invited to participate in this event.

計參與國家及地區 Expected Participating Countries & Regions

China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

比賽須知 Competition details

作品主題及題材 : 不限 (任何形式原創、不含拼貼的手繪畫作)

Theme: Open (Any form of original paintings without collage)

作品規格 Painting Format:

  • 繪畫尺寸不小於A3或不大於A2
    Paper size - not smaller than A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) and not larger than A2 (42cm x 59.4cm.)
  • 平面 (不接受拼貼立體作品及電腦繪畫)
    Drawings to be completed on paper. Photographs, computer drawings, other 3D objects and/or any form of collage are not acceptable.
  • 參賽作品須為原創作品
    The entry must be an original work of art
  • 顏料及繪畫方法不限
    No limitation on the use of mediums
  • 中國畫:必須托上白底紙
    Chinese painting on rice paper must be mounted onto a white paper
  • 每位參賽者只能提交一個作品參賽
    One entry per eligible participant 

分齡組別 Age Groups:

  • 第一組 (3歲)) Group 1: Age 3
  • 第二組 (4歲) Group 2: Age 4
  • 第三組 (5歲) Group 3: Age 5
  • 第四組 (6歲) Group 4: Age 6
  • 第五組 (7-8歲) Group 5: Age 7-8
  • 第六組 (9-10歲) Group 6: Age 9-10
  • 第七組 (11-12歲) Group 7: Age 11-12

Age: 3-12 years old as of 15/8/2020 inclusive

評審準則 Judging Criteria

Based on aesthetics, techinques, composition & creativity.

獎項 Prizes:

  • 個人獎:每個年齡組別均設冠名贊助大獎首三名(冠、亞、季獎盃及獎狀)及金獎(5%)、銀獎(15%)、銅獎(25%) (獎牌及獎狀);
    Individual Prizes for each group: Sponsored Grand Award for the First Three Places (Trophy & Award Certificate); Gold (5%), Silver (15%) and Bronze (25%) (Medal & Award Certificate)
  • 團體獎:金、銀、銅獎 (獎座) 
    - 按得獎及參賽人數計算
    Team Awards (Art Centers/Schools): Gold, Silver and Bronze
    - Based on the number of participants and winning participants
  • 其餘各參賽者可獲發參與獎狀乙張
    All participants will receive a participation certificate

 團體報名表格 Group Application Form:

團體參加者請下載報名表格,並將填妥的表格電郵或寄回協會;協會電郵地址: info@hkaea.hk 
Group Participant please download the Group Application Form below. Please email or post the completed Group Participants form to the Association. Email address: info@hkaea.hk 

團體報名表格下載 Group Application From Download

個人作品標籤 Individual Artwork Label:

All participants must complete the Competition Artwork Label. Please submmit artwork with the completed Artwork Label stick at the back and send to the Association's Yau Tong collection point.

個人作品標籤下載 Individual Artwork Label Download

截稿日期 Artwork Submission Deadline15 / 08 /  2020

賽果公佈日期 Results Announcement Date:

Results will be released on HKAEA Facebook and website on early September 2020.

 頒獎典禮及作品展覽 Awards Ceremony and Exhibition:

頒獎禮 Award Presentation Ceremony:

  • Date 日期: 3 / 10 / 2020
  • Time 時間:  5:00p.m.
  • Venue: E2, G/F, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
     地址:    香港文化中心地下E2展廳

優秀作品展覽 Outstanding Artrwork Exhibition:

  •  Date 日期: 3 - 5 / 10 / 2020
  •  Venue: E2, G/F, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
     地址:    香港文化中心地下E2展廳

    Outstanding Artwork Exhibition will be held on 3-5 October 2020 at E2, Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Award Presentation Ceremony will be held on 3rd October 2020 (Saturday) at 5:00p.m. (the same venue with time to be confirmed later).

參賽費用 Entry Fee: 港幣100元 HK$100 per entry

支付方法 Pay Method 

  • 支票 Cheque:
    Please submit the crossed cheque along with the group form (if applicable) and artwork (with artwork label) to the Yau Tong Collection Point of the Association. Crossed cheque please made payable to “Hong Kong Art Exchange Association Limited”. Dated cheque and cash are not acceptable.
  • PayPal:
    If you shoose to use PayPal, please click PayPal.Me below to submit the entry Fee. Please retain the transaction record and reference number, and submit it along with the group form (if applicable) and artwork (with artwork label) to the Yau Tong Collection Point of the Association.

          PayPal.Me Link 連結

  • 支付寶Alipay:
    If you shoose to use Alipay, please scan the QR code below and submit the entry fee. Please retain the transaction record and reference number, and submit it along with the group form (if applicable) and artwork (with artwork label) to the Yau Tong Collection Point of the Association. 

     Hong Kong Art Exchange Association Limited Alipay WCP

  • 作品遞交方法 Artwork Submission:
  • 郵寄或送稿到本會油塘地址:
  • 收稿時間:

  • Please complete Individual artwork label (with clear writing) accurately and attach it to the back of the art work.
  • Group entries please complete the Group participation form, electronic version is preferred and please e-mail a copy to the Association at info@hkaea.hk
  • Mailing or delivery to HKAEA Hong Kong office, attention to “Hong Kong Art Exchange Association”
  • HKAEA address: Unit 204, 2nd Floor, Sunray Industrial Centre, 610 Cha Kwo Ling Road, Yau Tong, Hong Kong. Please specify “Hong Kong Art Exchange Association on the envelop.
  • HKAEA email: info@hkaea.hk 
  • Business hours: 11:00-17:00 HKT, Monday to Friday except public holidays.


作品退回安排 Return of Artwork:

Please select “return artwork” on individual label, participants will be informed to come to collect during a specified period of time after the exhibition. Participants who choose to collect the paintings/drawings be postage or delivery shall bear the cost.

*In any events, the Organizer reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, modify or suspend the terms and conditions and/or arrangements of the competition without further notice.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us through e-mail or whats app our staff Miss Thea Siu at +852 8481 3363.

查詢 Enquiries:   T: +852 2370 1078    Whatsapp: +852 8481 3363  E:info@hkaea.hk

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